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Motorola Xoom update tonight – future Flash 10.2 on March 18th

Motorola will finally live up to the advertisements for the Xoom at launch, and release Flash 10.2, or at the very least begin rolling it out tonight to all Xoom devices. It should be known as well, that any Xoom which is rooted or has an unlocked bootloader will need to be reverted back to unrooted and re-locked.


Verizon launching the iPad as well claims CFO

After the news that Verizon is launching the iPhone4 officially on Feb. 10th 2011, everyone had to wonder if they would be taking the iPad as well….they are. According to Verizon CFO Francis Shammo, the iPad will also be coming to Verizon. He expressed these views to Bloomberg, and now we all have to wonder, [...]