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82% of tablet buyers will get an Apple iPad

This graphic sure doesn’t look like it leaves much room for the iPad tablet competitors to fight over when it comes down to it. Really, all other tablets are scavenging for the remaining 18% of the tablet market. That means that 82% of future tablet buyers are going to get an iPad.


Can BlackBerry PlayBook last when Apple iPad2 release beats it – no

If you worked at RIM right now, would you be worried about how well the PlayBook is going to do against the other tablets on the market, especially the Apple iPad 2, with a launch date of April when the iPad 2 is launching a month before that? HECK YES! RIM is going to be [...]


JP Morgan – Tablet Market predicted to hit $35 billion in 2012

The tablet market is about to explode, and we don’t doubt that for a second. JP Morgan had originally stated its 2011 revenue forecast for tablets would be $24.9 billion and $34.1 billion in 2012. We now are hearing from JP Morgan that they have changed their estimates to $26.1 billion in 2011 and $35.2 [...]


Android Beats iOS in Mobile Market Shares

It was a few months coming, but we all knew it was going to happen eventually given the constant rise in Android activations and the constant decrease in RIM’s activated devices. This number will no doubt be impacted somewhat, or at least slow down the rise when Verizon iPhone4 officially starts activating devices in February [...]