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Nearly 1 million Apple iPad2 tablets sold over launch weekend

Not like this is a surprise for anyone, given all the hype about the iPad2 over the past couple of months, but it appears that analysts claim that Apple has sold nearly 1 million iPad2 tablets over the last weekend after it’s official launch last week.


Apple iPad2 on sale March 11th – 5pm in stores

Well, the moment many people have been waiting for since they announced it last week is the sale of the iPad2. It starts tomorrow March 11th 2011 at 5PM local time, and should hit online sales at 1AM PST as well.


Watch the Apple iPad2 keynote event video – in case you missed it

If you were busy yesterday, and had heard that the Apple iPad2 was officially announced, you heard right. They had a keynote event live from their Cupertino residence, and shot the video for all to enjoy later. So if you didn’t get a chance to see the video launching the iPad 2, here’s your chance [...]


Apple staff – iPad3 is what we should be excited about, not iPad2

In a couple hours time from now, the iPad2 may be unveiled for all to see at the scheduled Apple event in Cupertino. There’s been many speculations for what we’re going to see by way of improvements in the iPad2, and the main consensus is simply a front camera, thinner body, and 4G support. Cult [...]