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Apple iPad 2 hands on video

Unless you’ve been living under a rock today, you’d know that Apple announced the iPad 2 earlier, and a few new surprises for us, including the price, new apps like GarageBand, and the technical specs including dual-core A5 chips. You can have a look at the images directly from the Live Event here, or images [...]


The Apple iPad 2 – official images

Breathe it in folks, these are the official iPad 2 iages from the Apple.com website, which is live now. Pre-orders haven’t gone up just yet, but we’re sure that it’ll be live soon and let you all know when. Here’s a video of the iPad 2 as well, just click to go to Apple and [...]


Apple Event – iPad2 officially announced – details and images here

Here’s a run down of the Apple Event from today so far, this will be the trimmed down, most important stuff from today’s event, not all of the ‘liveblogging’ stuff in between.


Notion Ink Adam Eden UI Introduction video – part 5 and 6

We’ll continue on with the video segments from Notion Ink on their Adam Eden UI. These next videos show the power of the Browser capabilities within Eden and Android OS. There are a few cool features, such as “crop” within a webpage, rather than screenshot or printscreen. Check out the videos below.


Samsung Slider 7 Series Tablet running Windows 7 at CES

At CES in Las Vegas, there’s been alot of tablet announcements. So many in fact, that we cant even get them all up on our site fast enough! So, we have to go through the ones that are worth mentioning, and some that aren’t. The Samsung Slider 7 however is definitely worth mentioning as it [...]


Asus Eee Slate EP121 running Windows 7 and powerful indeed

Asus has a new Windows 7 tablet called the Eee Slate EP121 tablet. Even though we’ve heard about this before, it’s still noteworthy to post as its a little different then the Android tablets that are hitting the market, especially with all the announcements at CES in Vegas. This tablet is running an laptop operating [...]