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Samsung Slider 7 Series Tablet running Windows 7 at CES


At CES in Las Vegas, there’s been alot of tablet announcements. So many in fact, that we cant even get them all up on our site fast enough! So, we have to go through the ones that are worth mentioning, and some that aren’t. The Samsung Slider 7 however is definitely worth mentioning as it combines the functionality of a tablet device with a slide out qwerty keyboard, turning it into a netbook as well. Pretty slick!

Rather than the screen being prtected by closing the lid, it slides back into place exposing the screen, so it’s like a tablet, meaning you’ll have to care for it like one when you’re mobile. It looks nice, but may feel like cheap plastic, has 1,366×768 resolution on a 10 inch screen, 1080p, HDMI out, 4-in-1 card reader, SD slot, 32GB or 64GB storage, 2GB memory, intel Atom 1.66GHz processor, all for the price starting at $699. Not bad for a powerful tablet/netbook. Any other netbook out there with 2GB RAM is starting at $500 as well.

This device looks ok, but it’ll be nice to see how the public takes it when there’s so many options for other tablets. Great design, but it may get pushed aside.

[Source - PCMag]

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