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Our perspective on the Apple iPad 2 – to buy or not to buy?


Here are a few points to consider from the authors of Mobile Attack, when deciding whether you should buy – or not buy the all new sexy Apple iPad 2. These are our opinions and are not endorsed, merely our personal perspectives on the matter of subject.

Megan Lust

Megan Android

What can I say? I’m a sucker for new flashy things. I love what Apple has done to make the iPad 2 different from and better than the first generation device. The slimmer design, the white option, new front-facing camera, and the new cover concept are all wins in my book. I’m glad Apple added gyro and from all of the demos I’ve seen the speed does look pretty insane, thanks to the dual-core A5 processor.

Will I buy the iPad 2 over the first generation iPad? Probably, yes. Then again, I’m what you call a late-adopter and I’ll probably hold out until Apple is ready to release the iPad 3. Maybe.

Jlyn Bauer

Jlyn Android

The thinner the better! Apple is outdoing itself in the sleek look of the iPad 2. What’s not to love (especially that smart cover!)? The draw to most will be the increase in speed (as if the original iPad wasn’t fast enough) and graphic enhancements. Add to that built in FaceTime and Photobooth, along with the option to download iMovie and Garage Band, and I have a feeling the shelves will be empty come March 11th.

Pricing seems fair and afordable, and many will no doubt feel the same. The hesitancy might be in the fact that most people just bought a brand new iPad last year and will no doubt have a hard time justifying an upgrade to the iPad 2 so soon. Personally, I’d be tempted to wait for iPad 3, which I’m sure will be out in the next year or two!

Reed Sanders

Reed Android

The iPad looks amazing, and of course, it’s designed to be that way as every Apple product is past, present and future. The iPad 2 looked like it had great speed when jumping into and out of applications, and it should with the specs they packed in it, with the new A5 dual-core processor, more RAM, and better graphics processor. I would buy the iPad2 just so I could use GarageBand alone, then throw in iMovie the already great selection of other apps on the AppStore. I’m a music buff, and thus, they had me at GarageBand app for $5.

Here’s my issues with the Apple iPad, they still won’t throw in SD card support. Man, oh man…that just makes me iSad! I don’t know if that’s enough to make me NOT buy one, but I hate that Apple will not allow us to add storage if we need. The price is pretty fair, but the lack of 4G on this device when all carriers should have full 4G/LTE networks running by the end of this summer is another sore spot for me.

The Final Word

All in all, I think I may wait and get the cheaper iPad original for now for $299, then grab the iPad3 when it comes out, likely next year as Jlyn mentioned above. It’s supposed to be killer according to an Apple Staffer too.

If you want a good look at the Apple iPad 2, hit the details from the Keynote here, or the Hands-On video here.

Let us know what you think as well, to buy or not to buy?


Watch the Apple iPad2 keynote event video – in case you missed it


If you were busy yesterday, and had heard that the Apple iPad2 was officially announced, you heard right. They had a keynote event live from their Cupertino residence, and shot the video for all to enjoy later. So if you didn’t get a chance to see the video launching the iPad 2, here’s your chance now. If you’d rather just look at pictures, you can do that here.

Click here to go to Apple’s video for yesterday’s event.

[Source - Apple]


Can BlackBerry PlayBook last when Apple iPad2 release beats it – no


If you worked at RIM right now, would you be worried about how well the PlayBook is going to do against the other tablets on the market, especially the Apple iPad 2, with a launch date of April when the iPad 2 is launching a month before that? HECK YES!

RIM is going to be looking at dismal sales of the PlayBook coming in a month after the iPad 2 has already had a good head start emptying peoples bank accounts. Honestly, RIM needs to get the PlayBook on the market next week if it even stands a chance at selling these tablets.

The iPad already owns 90% of the tablet market, and it’s only going to increase in a week from now when they launch the iPad2. The Motorola Xoom is already out, and selling decent, also the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been out for some time, and still selling units, mainly because they’ve been going on sale as people ready for the next wave of tablets.

Is RIM an injured horse that needs to be put down? Apple may have that answer next week.


Apple iPad 2 hands on video

Unless you’ve been living under a rock today, you’d know that Apple announced the iPad 2 earlier, and a few new surprises for us, including the price, new apps like GarageBand, and the technical specs including dual-core A5 chips. You can have a look at the images directly from the Live Event here, or images from the official iPad page here.

Below is the Hands-On video footage from Engadget giving us a practical view of the new Apple iPad 2 in full use. Enjoy, and thanks Engadget!

[Source - Engadget]


Still no SD Card support on the Apple iPad 2 – why?

Why oh why Apple do you do this to us every time. Release a product that is by all means far above any other products out there, but every other product has one up on you…they support SD Cards!

What does Apple have against SD Cards…seriously. What did SD Cards ever do to hurt Apple? Why the anger, the casting out?
I gather that it’s to sell higher internal storage models, I get that. But why then do other companies NOT have a problem placing SD Card support on their tablets? I will never understand why they refuse to put SD or MicroSD into an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.


The Apple iPad 2 – official images

Breathe it in folks, these are the official iPad 2 iages from the website, which is live now. Pre-orders haven’t gone up just yet, but we’re sure that it’ll be live soon and let you all know when.

Here’s a video of the iPad 2 as well, just click to go to Apple and watch.

[Source - Apple]


Apple Event – iPad2 officially announced – details and images here

Here’s a run down of the Apple Event from today so far, this will be the trimmed down, most important stuff from today’s event, not all of the ‘liveblogging’ stuff in between.

  • Scores upon scores of Beatles music being played in the theater.
  • Steve Jobs enters the room.
  • Details the 3 post PC-blockbuster products Apple has released, the iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • Shows how the iPad has affected our daily lives, people start to cry.
  • Disses ‘copycat’ manufacturers
  • Shows how iPad has made its way to 90% market penetration
  • iPad2 is announced officially
  • Comes with Dual-core A5 processor, 2x faster CPU, 9x faster graphics, low power
  • iPad2 is thinner than the previous iPad and the iPhone4 at 8.8 mm
  • iPad2 is also lighter (of course) 1.3 pounds
  • iPad2 has 10x more battery life
  • Will go to AT&T and Verizon
  • Comes in White and Black color options
  • Will cost $499, $599, or $699 for Wi-Fi models 16GB, 32GB, 64GB respectively
  • And $629, $729, or $829 for Wi-Fi + 3G models for the same sizes above
  • Launch date is March 11th, next Thursday in the US!
  • Launching in 26 other countries by March 26th 2011!
  • Comes with HDMI Out and a charge/HDMI dual cable attachment for $39
  • New Case for the iPad2 as well, in a variety of colors
  • The case has magnets that help keep the iPad2 and its case/stand in position.
  • iPad2 will have iOS 4.3 as well, which has several improvements which we’ll mention later.

Check out the Gallery of images from the event below from Engadget!

[nggallery id=10]

[Source - Engadget]