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Apple launches iPad2 Guided Tour Videos online – believe the hype


Well folks…the Apple iPad2 launches in a day from now and we’ve heard a lot about it. We brought you the first peak from the Apple live event, as well as our opinions on the iPad2 and whether it’s worth the purchase. Now that you have all of that information at your disposal, you can now check out the official Guided Tour videos launched by Apple on their site. There are 14 videos walking you through the main apps and features on the new iPad, making us all want it even more!

Check out the videos by clicking the source link below for Apple.

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Apple iOS 4.3 is officially released


Apple has just released iOS 4.3 for the Apple TV, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. The best part of this is the addition of the Apple Hotspot for both GSM and CDMA editions of the iPhone for AT&T and Verizon models. AirPlay is also another nice feature, which we’re sure to start seeing a whole tonne of new AirPlay compatible devices you can buy extra for everywhere you find yourself.

The update is compatible only with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, Apple TV and the third and fourth-generation iPod touch models. Earlier iPods do not have access to iOS 4.3, nor do the original iPhone or iPhone 3G.

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New Samsung Galaxy Tab Teaser Poster on facebook


Samsung put up another teaser poster for their CTIA unveiling which everyone believes is going to be the 8.9 inch version of the Galaxy Tab. The poster again sporting the number 78910, meaning the completion of the 7inch, 10.1 inch tab and now the 8.9inch, making Samsung a powerful tablet manufacturer having tablets in 3 different form factors, something for everyone’s liking no doubt.

The Tab in this poster features a rounded section over the 3.5mm headphone jack, which lends itself to the notion that this tablet will be ultra-thin, as well as the carbon fiber backing giving it an ultra-light body. We’ll hear more as the days go by.

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HTC EVO View 4G trademark may be HTC Flyer for Sprint


After we reported yesterday that Sprint would be putting out 3 new devices, one of which was said to the the EVO View 4G tablet from HTC, we see this going in for trademarking. Pretty much solidifies that the HTC Flyer, now the HTC EVO View 4G, will be showing up at Sprint. CTIA is coming up in a few weeks as well, which we expect to see some new tablet devices for Sprint as well sporting WiMAX. So that begs the question then, do you grab the HTC EVO View or do you wait it out and see what we get at CTIA?

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Apple will give $100 refund to newly purchased original iPads

Good news for anyone who bought a new original iPad before the big iPad 2 announcement this week. apple will make you feel better about the purchase after they started slashing the price of the old iPad, and they’ll give you $100 back.

The cut off date for purchases to receive the refund we believe is any iPad bought before February 16th 2011. The $100 refund will simply go back as a credit on your Credit card, or you can simply head in where you bought it with your reciept, and they’ll make the refund happen. If you ordered online, just call Apple Support.

Not too shabby Apple.

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Samsung may launch 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab with low Price to compete


You gotta love competition in technology, because usually, it means that prices go down fast. That may be the same with Samsung as they reconsider their pricing model for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch model after Apple announced the iPad 2. Basically, Samsung saw what Apple did, looked at their own tablet, and went ‘Whoa! we’re not going to sell these at $800 a pop with the iPad2 out there!’

So, lower prices are sure to be coming very soon when they push out the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab.

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Apple’s Post-PC plan for World Domination


If you caught any of the Apple keynote a couple days ago where they introduced the Apple iPad2 and iOS 4.3, you get a feeling that Apple just isn’t out to grab the Mobile market with its iPad, iPod and iPhone products. No sir, Apple is out to make you think you don’t even need a PC anymore by toting the term ‘Post-PC’ to the audience repeatedly. Much like you may see on your favorite TV station, TBS, Fox, or even your favorite radio station…they play the same commercials over and over and over. Beating it into our heads so we start thinking…’Hey, what do I have this stupid PC for anyway? I need an “iSomething”.

Apple is right in most respects, with the thousands and thousands of apps available that do so many different things. But wait…doesn’t Apple sell computers too? Yes, they do…but they don’t call those PC’s..they are Macs. They don’t say ‘Post-computer’ age…they say ‘Post-PC’. Clever.

The iPod, iPhone and now iPad are definitely changing the way we think of personal computing. No question we are entering into a new age of technology, where the PC is threatened by mobile device sales from smartphones and tablets. But, when it comes to professional media production and editing…mobile apps don’t come close. So, yes, we still need PC’s…well ok, we need computers. If it were up to Apple, every computing device we need, they can supply.

So, maybe we don’t need PC’s anymore? That’s what Apple is after. That single thought planted as a seed in our brains…