HP WebOS tablets leaked – images here : Tablet Attack – All things tablets


HP WebOS tablets leaked – images here


Engadget may have ruined the HP WebOS event thats to take place invite only on Feb 9th, but at least we can start building some hype for HP, cause they’re doing a terrible job. That aside, the new tablets will be a 9inch tablet codenamed “Topaz”, and a 7inch model codenamed “Opal”.

The Opal will have several varieties to choose from (Wi-Fi only, 3G, both), and will appear on AT&T and Verizon to start as well. We’re not sure yet what to see from the Topaz models however as HP isn’t actually making these until June this year, for late 2011 launches going into 2012 for AT&T LTE.

Hopefully the Feb 9th HP event will tell us more.

[via - CrunchGear]
[Source - Engadget]

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