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Dual-Screen NEC Android Cloud Communicator hands-on CES

NEC cloud communicator

The CES 2011 show in Las Vegas had alot of new tablets, some were different than others, but none quite as unique as this device, which neither completely falls into the tablet category, nor the e-reader. It’s the new NEC Android Cloud Communicator LT-W and it’s got dual-screens, where (as we’ll see in the hands on video below) you can run dual-screen applications, or have multiple apps running up on screen at the same time. The LT-W comes with a stylus as well as resistive touchscreen display for either stylus or fingertip use. Has 1GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 800×600 resolution 2 times, two 7 inch screens, Android 2.1 and 3G connectivity along with Wi-Fi.

The device isn’t a powerhouse of a device, but it clearly helps optimize multi-tasking with its dual screens. It won’t be the standard by any means for tablet devices, but it offers a great alternative for those of us need efficient multi-tasking capabilities on the go, without sacrificing screen size, as you’ll have 2 screens up. We just hope they have an upgrade planned for at least Gingerbread.

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