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Dual-Screen NEC Android Cloud Communicator hands-on CES

The CES 2011 show in Las Vegas had alot of new tablets, some were different than others, but none quite as unique as this device, which neither completely falls into the tablet category, nor the e-reader. It’s the new NEC Android Cloud Communicator LT-W and it’s got dual-screens, where (as we’ll see in the hands [...]


ViewSonic ViewPad 4 running Android 2.2 – video

The ViewSonic ViewPad 4 seems like its a smartphone, with it’s 4.1 inch touchscreen display. However, ViewSonic is pitching this little tiny device as a tablet…we don’t know why. It’s smaller than other smartphones that have been launched over the past few days at CES. But hey, it’s their product right? The ViewPad 4 doesn’t [...]


Hand on with Netbook Navigator NAV7, NAV9 and NAV10i – pics and vid

Netbook Navigator announced 3 new Windows 7 tablets at CES 2011 in Las Vegas yesterday, and these devices all looked great when compared to other sweet tablets we saw announced, like the Motorola Xoom, LG G-Slate, and the Samsung Slider 7. The NAV7, NAV9 and NAV10i are the names and all run Windows 7 very [...]


Hands On video of Notion Ink Adam Android tablet

Thank you CrunchGear for shooting this video for us all to enjoy!