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BlackBerry PlayBook ‘Dead on Arrival’ says analyst – ‘inferior to other tablets’

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Strong words issued from an analyst, Wedge Partners principal Brian Blair, on Tuesday indicating his feelings on the BlackBerry PlayBook’s strength upon launch. Is RIM just going to stand around and listen to him tear their last hope at striking Gold again? Or are we going to see some backlash here…who knows.

Mr. Blair made these statements to CNBC when asked about his note to investors;

[The BlackBerry PlayBook] will be sharply inferior to other tablets on the market and consumers won’t buy it…They are targeting it at enterprise but I believe very few will actually roll it out widely.

When going on about how it may fail, he suggests that the need to have the PlayBook tethered to another BlackBerry device (smartphone) for email, contacts, etc is the biggest issue, and it could end up costing RIM hundreds of millions of dollars in lost production costs. A fair warning to investors.

What do you think? Fail or success?

[Source - BGR]

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