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BlackBerry PlayBook 3G coming to AT&T in April


After the launch announcement for the BlackBerry PlayBook, alot of people have been wondering when we should start seeing these hitting the shelves. Sprint is getting the WiMAX version sometime this year, while Wi-Fi versions are expected to roll out in March. AT&T appears to be getting the 3G version in April this year, which is the first carrier so far to carry 3G PlayBooks. The LTE version should be there shortly after as well.

There isn’t any proof out there right now whether this is true or not, but it lines up nicely with launch dates and speculation for many carriers, so its not far fetched at all. Great thing about this coming to 3G before 4G is that virtually every carrier internationally will be able to launch it as well, since 4G seems to be big in the US, but not in many other locales worldwide.

Bring on the PlayBook…a Superbowl ad would fit in nicely for announcements wouldn’t it?

[Source - CIO]

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