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Android Beats iOS in Mobile Market Shares


It was a few months coming, but we all knew it was going to happen eventually given the constant rise in Android activations and the constant decrease in RIM’s activated devices. This number will no doubt be impacted somewhat, or at least slow down the rise when Verizon iPhone4 officially starts activating devices in February this year, but again, it’s likely not enough to change these numbers that drastically.

As seen above, 60% of activated mobile phones are smartphones, and that continues to rise as smartphones take over. 46% of those smartphones are running Android OS. iOS holds at 32%, and RIM at 16%. Even after the push on Windows Phone 7 devices, they only maintain 1%. All the numbers above also include tablets as mobile devices as well.

We’ll see how these numbers change in the next couple of months.

[Source - intomobile]

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