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Android 3.0 Honeycomb SDK Preview – best features highlighted here

honeycomb-layout Probably the biggest step forward in competing with the non-stop iPad will be Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets. We saw a large amount of them showcased at CES this year, and while some are mediocre at best, a few are down right awesome. Match that with a great Android operating system, and you’ll be at the bank in no time. Google let the Android 3.0 SDK out for all to preview yesterday, and there are many nice new face-lifts, as well as new features that you won’t see in previous Android OS versions. The Action Bar The Action bar will take over teh top spot of your screen where the notification bar was in older versions, allowing you to perform specific tasks within any app, for that app. The System Bar The System bar is now at the bottom of the screen, and also serves as the former notification area. You’ll also notice a page taken from Windows OS where the time is also displayed there, along with navigational buttons. Widgets Stronger support for widgets is built in for more apps, along with grid display, lists and 3D stacks. Hopefully developers take advantage of these nice features for their apps too. Multitasking The ability to multitask has been highlighted as a step forward, taking advantage of the tablet size screens. You’ll have a “Recent Apps” list in the Action Bar, which will show you the most recently used apps, along with currently in use apps, in the order last used for convenience. Camera The Camera looks to have received some nice UI changes, allowing you to have more ease of access to some of the cameras features and effects, with less gestures on the touchscreen. Again, speed is focused here (pardon the pun) Other notable features are the updated UI’s in Email and Gmail, along with Contacts as these apps take advantage of the large screen and display Panes of information rather than drop down lists and long scrolling. Also, the browser will have Bookmark sync, google sign in, and tabs rather than separate windows for websites, all taking notes from Google Chrome feature successes.

Looks really nice over all. Is this worth going with over the Apple iPad though? Let us know.

[Source - mobilecrunch]

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