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Acer wants to keep making tablets, not netbooks


With the popularity of tablet devices, particularly Android and iPad, Acer is dipping into the tablet game, and they plan to stay there. Acer is putting out 7 and 10 inch sized Android tablets very soon, in fact, we may see them this Spring. They’ll have Intel Sandy Bridge multi-core technology within as well, making these tablets every bit as powerful as a laptop…or for that matter, more powerful then your netbook.

This may be the end of netbooks as we know it. Google is probably the only group that can save netbooks with their launch of Google Chrome OS netbooks later this summer. Even then, it’ll be hard to convince people that a Chrome OS netbook is better to use than an Android powerhouse tablet like what we expect to see from Acer later this year.

Would you rather have a tablet device or a laptop? Let us know what you think!

[Source - IDG News, Engadget]

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