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Nearly 1 million Apple iPad2 tablets sold over launch weekend


Not like this is a surprise for anyone, given all the hype about the iPad2 over the past couple of months, but it appears that analysts claim that Apple has sold nearly 1 million iPad2 tablets over the last weekend after it’s official launch last week. The Apple iPad2 had reportedly been sold out across almost all Apple outlets offering the iPad2.

Some unofficial stats from Global Equities research suggest that they believe 60% of iPad2 buyers were upgrading from the original iPad, while 40% were new iPad owners. They also believe that 100% of iPad2 buyers have another Apple device of some sort, but I’m not sure I agree with that. 100% is a pretty strong claim, I’d go with maybe 90%, after all, it is possible for Android users to get an iPad.

[Via - BGR]
[Source - Reuters]


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch caught on video

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch has made it’s way online in a great hands on video done by AndroidHD. Not much new here other than a real good look at the Tablet that has yet to give an official launch date. Maybe we’ll hear more about it at the event on March 22nd at CTIA from Samsung.

For some great images about and from the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. click the source link below.

[Source - AndroidHD]


iFixit tears down the iPad2 before our eyes – video footage

iPad2 teardown

Right after the iPad2 came out yesterday, what’s a place like iFixit going to do with it? Grab Angry Birds….install the new Garageband and make a beat…check your facetime….no. They’re going to tear it apart hinge from hinge, screw by screw. The Apple iPad 2 is pretty thin, and full of delicate parts, so they recorded the task, and here it is below, showing us just what’s inside that amazing gadget 90% of tablet owners love so much.

[Source - iFixit]


82% of tablet buyers will get an Apple iPad

This graphic sure doesn’t look like it leaves much room for the iPad tablet competitors to fight over when it comes down to it. Really, all other tablets are scavenging for the remaining 18% of the tablet market. That means that 82% of future tablet buyers are going to get an iPad. Talk about domination! And people thought the iPhone was dominating after it launched, nothing like this.

These results are from an independent research firm ‘ChangeWave’ after they surveyed 3,091 consumers in the month of February. Out of those 3,091 people, 835 said they would buy a tablet device (27%). 82% of those 835 people said they’d buy an iPad. Now, to be fair, February was full of iPad2 release rumors, so there was a lot of hype. That said, Xoom and LG were stirring things up too at the Superbowl and on TV ads as well, so there was a lot of tablet action in February regardless.

[Source - BGR]


Motorola Xoom update tonight – future Flash 10.2 on March 18th


Motorola will finally live up to the advertisements for the Xoom at launch, and release Flash 10.2, or at the very least begin rolling it out March 18th to all Xoom devices. It should be known as well, that any Xoom which is rooted or has an unlocked bootloader will need to be reverted back to unrooted and re-locked.

This update beginning tonight however is necessary for other firmware updates to come in the future as well as the Flash update on the 18th, and should be seen hitting your notifications bar within the next few days. if you’re one of a few who needs to unroot or re-lock your Xoom, follow along below courtesy of Android Central Forum members.

Note: This will wipe your Xoom

  1. You’re going to need to have the Android SDK installed. You can download it here.
  2. Download the official HRI39 build from Motorola here.
  3. Unzip the files in and move or copy them to the /platform-tools folder in your SDK folder.
  4. Connect your Xoom to your computer.
  5. Type adb reboot bootloader. Wait for it to reboot into the bootloader.
  6. Type the following commands, waiting for each to finish before continuing:
  • fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • fastboot flash system system.img
  • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
  • fastboot erase cache

You’ve now successfully flashed your Xoom back to stock. Now it’s time to relock the device.

[Via - Engadget]
[Source - Motorola]


Official Angry Birds iPad2 cases hitting the market


If you’re an Angry Birds fan, and you’re about ready to pick up one of those sweet Apple iPad 2s, you’re going to love these cases that have been fitted for the iPad2 from Gear4. Makers of Angry Birds cases for the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, these great looking cases will make it known to everyone around you that you take this game seriously….seriously.

The cases will put you out about $65US and can be ordered online from Gear4 right here when they are available, which I believe is tomorrow after the iPad2 launch. You can also follow @Gear4 on twitter to keep up to date.


[Source - ChipChick]


Apple iPad2 on sale March 11th – 5pm in stores


Well, the moment many people have been waiting for since they announced it last week is the sale of the iPad2. It starts tomorrow March 11th 2011 at 5PM local time, and should hit online sales at 1AM PST as well. If you want a perspective on the iPad2, hit here for some images and details, or you can look at our perspective on the iPad2 and whether it’s worth your money just yet, or if you should just grab a now much cheaper iPad original.